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Black Tactical Backpacks: Why Is Black So Important In The Tactical Backpack World?

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       Tactical backpacks have multiple uses. They are used in the military, to carry weapons and supplies. They are used in outdoor adventures, for hiking, camping, or trekking. They are also used in everyday circumstances, such as for school backpacks, college backpacks and for any other daily tasks. Tactical backpacks are known to be extremely durable, weather proof, and comfortable for any situation.


Let’s explore black tactical backpacks in particular, to learn why black is so important in the tactical backpack world.

Why Are Black Tactical Backpacks So Important?

Black tactical backpacks are, by US law, the only color except for matching camouflage, that may be worn on soldiers’ backs in the military. If the backpack is not black, or the same camouflage pattern that the soldier is wearing, the bag may only be carried in the soldier’s hands.

Therefore, most soldiers will carry black tactical backpacks on a regular basis as this is what is permitted by law at all times.

What Other Armed Forces Branches Are Covered By This Law?

What Other Armed Forces Branches Are Covered By This Law?
The law for black tactical backpacks is relevant for the army’s OCP only (Operational Camouflage Pattern), so applies to the US army, the US Space Force, and the US Military Force. The US Navy and Marine Corps have different uniforms and regulations in place.

Benefits Of Black Military Backpacks

Choosing the size of the backpack isn’t the only thing to think about when choosing which tactical backpack you may need. The color of your backpack is also extremely important. Choosing the black backpack isn’t just guaranteed to fit in with the everyday requirements of a backpack, but this color is easily switchable to tactical and outdoor missions should you need it. It is a multi-functioning color and serves multi-purposes.

Some benefits of the black tactical backpack is that it goes with any outfit, whether military or not. The color black shows less dirt, therefore will last longer if you are going on a particular muddy outdoor adventure. It also looks more sturdy than other color backpacks, and is more formal than other camouflage colors. Should you need to take this bag from your hiking trip to the meeting or study room, this backpack will seamlessly fit both scenarios.

When To Know If Black Is The Best Option For A Military Tactical Backpack

If you are in the market to search for a military tactical backpack, but you aren’t sure what color you should choose, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you using the backpack for more than one type of trip (eg. hiking, everyday use, trekking)?

  2. Are you wanting your backpack to seamlessly transform from being an everyday backpack to a hiking, camping, or tactical mission backpack?

  3. Are you going on a muddy adventure, and you want your backpack to show as little dirt as possible?

Really try and depict what situation your military style backpack will be used in, and if you are unsure of any of the questions, or you are in between colors, black is most likely to be the best way forward.


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