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How to Choose the Right Tactical Backpack

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How to Choose the Right Tactical Backpack

      Why has the tactical backpack become so popular? Is it another example of military tech finding its way into the mainstream, like GPS, duct tape, and canned food? Tactical backpacks have grown in popularity, increasingly replacing standard book bags, hefty luggage, and briefcases. So what makes a backpack tactical and what's the right one for you? We'll get into the details and choose our favorites, so if you're looking for a tactical backpack to add to your loadout, you've come to the right place.


Durability is the first defining attribute of a tactical backpack. You'll find high-end fabrics like Cordura and ballistic nylon in any such backpack worthy of the title. Cordura and similar fabrics have high tensile strength fibers that withstand long term wear. You can stuff your bag to the stretching point, expose it to the elements, scuff it, scrape it, toss it in your car and move about your world without fear of damaging it. They're designed to stand up to abuse.

Another identifying feature of a tactical backpack is the militaristic look and feel of it. The appearance of things like MOLLE webbing (we'll get into exactly what that is later), Velcro patch zones, and tactical colors like black, desert tan, OD green, and of course, camo are dead giveaways that you're looking at a tactical backpack.

And finally, many tactical backpacks include dedicated compartments for hydration bladders. After all, the tactical backpack was built for warfighters, and those folks tend to get thirsty while doing the work of American badasses.

Generally speaking, if a backpack looks like something you'd see in a war zone, it's probably a tactical backpack. But that doesn't mean all tactical backpacks are built alike. Let's get into the reasons why you should add one to your personal loadout.

What should you use a tactical backpack for?

The answer to this is pretty simple: Use a tactical backpack for carrying stuff from here to there. The days of the American man earning his 9 to 5 wage accompanied by a well-worn leather briefcase are officially dead, and the tactical backpack killed them. If you're headed to work—whether it's to a police station, military base, fire house, or just an office job like the rest of us schmucks—you're probably carrying everything you need in a backpack.

Tactical backpacks have grown in popularity because of their ease of use and tough construction. Whereas a standard book bag might fall apart within a couple years of use, a tactical backpack will stand up to whatever you throw at it. A regular backpack may come with enough pockets for your daily commute, but a tactical backpack will have more room, allowing you to run more errands, carry more stuff, and extend your personal range.

Then there's the customization afforded to you by way of the MOLLE exterior. The US military sure loves their acronyms—MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. MOLLE interacts with PALS (here we go again), which stands for Pouch Attachment Ladder System, meaning you can customize your tactical backpack with attachments like first-aid pouches, magazine pouches, and more. An additional benefit of MOLLE webbing is easy access to basic gear like pens and knives which you can stow on the exterior.


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